Why Upper Cervical Care in Norwood MA?

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At New England Spinal Care we offer a different idea and experience than traditional chiropractic in Norwood MA…please review the following to find out if our style is right for you. Many people are very familiar with the idea or experience of popping, twisting, and cracking different areas of the spine and body. We do none of these…We do something different Instead of focusing on the individual bones of the spine, our focus is seeing how the whole body misaligns, twists, and locks as it adapts to the injuries experienced throughout life.

Once an injury occurs in life, there is an imbalance. The body then twists, compensates, and slowly compresses itself to stabilize under the weight of gravity. Looking at the whole body: the hips, legs, feet, shoulders, arms, head, neck, and spine gives me information on how to access and release the body in a different way.

The top of the neck is known as the Upper Cervical region. Because the shape of the bones in this area is different, and there are increased numbers of nerves, a small percentage of chiropractors specialize in this area. The Quantum Spinal Mechanics approach contacts the upper cervical area as well as the middle and lower parts of the neck.


Upper Cervical is a specialty in chiropractic that is practiced by only 1% of chiropractors. QSM3 is the newest addition to a group of methods known as upper cervical chiropractic. Other upper cervical methods were focused on the misalignment of upper neck bones and the adjustment was given at the upper neck only. Now, we still touch the upper neck, but look to at the whole body not just the upper neck bone(s). Most upper cervical methods rely on X-rays to measure the misalignment and direct care. QSM3 uses X-rays and relies on postural data (comparative leg length, weight imbalance, shoulder and hip position, head tilt) to direct care and the adjustment. QSM3 adjustments typically reach a depth of 2-4 mm—so very light. click here to read more about QSM3


There are many methods of chiropractic. The foundation of our office is Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3). QSM3 evolved from another upper cervical method called NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). QSM3 doctors look to understand the breakdown of the whole body so that we can release and decompress the body into a more balanced and stress-free state. Our method does not push or set the vertebrae into a position. A gentle touch is applied on the upper neck in specific ways to release the pathways of tension that hold the body in its stuck, misaligned state. A majority of people notice a lighter, looser feeling as QSM3 gets you “off your nerves.” It is a very different experience. Dr. Smyth is also Part II Certified in NUCCA.


It is a very different experience—even if you have been to other upper cervical doctors. A person receives a QSM3 adjustment by lying on their side on a special chiropractic table. The doctor gently touches or brushes the side of the neck (mostly in the upper neck). It is completely painless and most people would call the experience “underwhelming”. Most visits are about 10 minutes long. The first adjustment visits are often 30 minutes. A majority of people find this type of care delivers a unique whole-body experience. Care is a process. Each person has a unique history and experience in life that has led to their current situation, and most people’s injuries happened a long time before they felt a problem and decided to get help. It takes time to release and heal.


There are a number of definitions for the chiropractic term Subluxation. I am a big proponent of defining it as a condition of less life. Sub- means less. Lux, Lucis from Latin means life. The suffix –ation means a condition or process. Medically, the term subluxation means less than a dislocation. Misalignment means/causes stress on the nerves and stress on the nerves means altered communication and function. So this is condition of less life or function or health. Subluxation affects every part of our experience as a human…physically, mentally, emotionally. Spinal Misalignment is not about separating your back from your body, but instead its about having a wider vision of your body’s attempt to create balance in its stressed situation. Foot, hand, and head position, for instance, can tell me about stress on the neck and back. Knowing that gives information on taking better care of you.


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