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Extra weight and obesity are major problems in America. It decreases our vitality, puts stress on our organs through visceral fat, makes us less attractive, and stresses the alignment of our spine and body causing pain, tension, and structural as well as neurological stress.

Chirothin is a weight loss program in Norwood MA offered through our chiropractic office…

Chirothin is Not an Exercise Program
Chirothin has No Surgery
Chirothin has No Packaged Foods

In 6 weeks…

Men lose an average of 25-50 lbs
Women lose an average of 20-35 lbs
Chirothin has had tens of thousands of clients…

Our all-natural nutritional support formula allows your body to tap the stored fat in your body. The calories from the fat is gives you the energy that you need so that you can go on a VLCD without starving!

The average person loses 7-15 pounds in the first 10 days in Norwood MA!

The next thing you know, people are saying how great you look and your clothes (but not your skin) are looser. Why? Because with ChiroThin, unlike many other programs, you are losing fat and excess water, not muscle. Within 2-3 weeks of starting ChiroThin your coworkers, friends, and neighbors will be amazed at the difference and ask you what you are doing to lose the weight so quickly. By the time you’re done with this program, you will have lost a lot of weight and many inches of fat! Additionally, you will have the tools to make the weight loss long-term. This is why so many people don’t gain the weight back – even years later!

Chirothin is a doctor-supervised program that allows you to reshape your body and release extra weight.


"I tried chirothin at the strong suggestion of a colleague. At the time, I was 250 lbs and not very happy about it. I was very fatigued most days and concerned that I might need an even bigger pair of pants. I called the program an exercise in conscious eating going in once I understood it. Armed with the recipe book, I was willing to give it a go. I found it fairly easy and comfortable during the process and dropped 35 pounds! I liked it so much that I decided to add it to the office and offer it to my community."

- Dr. Andy Smyth

"I am truly grateful to Dr. Andy for giving me a way to finally get my weight under control. I had resigned myself to being overweight for the rest of my life. Nothing worked until he introduced me to chirothin.

I had hoped to possibly lose 25 lbs and get down to 200 lbs. My weight is now stable at 188 lbs, having lost 37 pounds on the program. I had good energy on the diet. I think the chirothin drops are the secret sauce that burns all the fat for energy. I also took AGGR and the Ultravite on the program. Needless to say, I’m inspired with a new zest for life. I’m naturally more active because its easier to move around in a thinner body. I actually want to go to the gym. My physically active job is easier to do also. I just paddled a canoe for hours yesterday and loved it.

All of my life is so much better due to having done the chirothin program. Thank you so much Dr. Andy."

- John S.

"I am so grateful for my chirothin journey. I don’t even LIKE cheese or fat added! I shifted from feeling deprived of it to loving how I feel without it! This program is a real miracle. I am staying steady at 190 after having lost 25 pounds during my program."

- Tiffany B.

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