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What is QSM3 in Norwood MA

Our main goal at New England Spinal Care in Norwood is find out if we can help you. We want understand you, understand the problem or concern, and determine if there is a structural or neurological tension pattern that is causing it or making it worse. This visit is your most important visit and may take up to one hour. A report of findings is given to help you understand how we can help.

A detailed consultation is conducted to understand the history of each individual. Next, a Bio structure analysis (posture) performed to understand if you have a spinal misalignment. It assesses the structural and neurological stress that your body is experiencing using digital pictures from the front and side. Dr. Smyth will also measure to create a posture listing that describes your body’s stressed position. A palpatory exam is then performed to further evaluate the stresses of your misalignment.

If it has been determined that a spinal misalignment (postural distortion) is present, X-rays are often taken of the entire spine to visualize the stress and compression. To see is to know and to not see is to guess, we never want to guess with your health. This evaluates the inside while the posture pictures evaluate the outside. The necessity is determined on a case by case basis.

QSM3 procedure
The QSM3 adjustment or releasement itself is performed on the neck and typically feels completely under-whelming and painless. The amount of pressure is mild to medium. There is never any cracking or twisting of the neck or spine in the QSM3 procedure.

Once the initial adjustment is made, follow up whole body posture measurements are taken to determine the effect or the procedure. Post adjustment whole body postural measurements are used to determine the effect of the adjustment and analysis is used to direct further care the same visit or for future visits.

Further x-rays may be taken every months to measure the response to care.


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