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Chiropractor Norwood MA Andrew Smyth

Our main aim at New England Spinal Care in Norwood MA is to help people as much as possible. We try to do a one-day startup with most people where the consult, exam, x-rays, and adjustment occur on the first day, but we can break it up or do only the consultation.

Dr. Smyth’s goal is to continually expand the physical well-being and then your mental and emotional well- being often expand as well. Pain and other life-limiting symptoms often have neurological stress as a significant cause or factor. Our goal is to understand your situation, try to understand its structural/neurological cause, help you see and understand it, and then help it as much as possible.


We understand that filling out a form doesn't give us nearly enough about a person and what they are going through. Therefore, Dr. Smyth wants to do his best to understand you, your problems, and your goals.

He realizes that each person is their own puzzle of things and that checkboxes and diagnoses don’t tell the whole story. Dr. Smyth wants to connect the dots, find the most significant causative stress pattern(s), and help you see it. Then we choose how to work together on them if appropriate.


We live in a physical world.

Problems can be very measurable, palpable, and understandable if you know what you are looking for. Dr. Smyth will assess your entire body, especially the areas of complaint, using a posture measuring machine and taking posture pictures. He will examine you by feeling for the causative stress patterns standing up and lying down to understand what is happening and if he thinks he can help you


If Dr. Smyth says that he thinks he can help you, he often takes Full-spine x-rays. “To see is to know, and not to see is to guess. We never want to guess with your health and body.”

It is vital to see what is happening with you both inside and outside.
Using a computer program, we stitch the images together to create an image of the whole spine that is often very eye-opening to understand a person’s complaints. You get to see your X-rays and can get a copy of them if you wish at a later date.

QSM3 Adjustment

The QSM3 adjustment is a very different experience. Sometimes we call it a releasement. Dr. Smyth touches almost exclusively the neck with mild to medium contacts that are sometimes underwhelming and almost always painless. We will measure the body before and after to understand how your body responds to his work. We will continue until Dr. Smyth is satisfied that your body is showing improvement.


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