What is QSM3 in Norwood MA?

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What is Quantum Spinal Mechanics in Norwood MA?  Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3) is a chiropractic method based on releasing what holds the body in its stressed, misaligned position. Fascial tension is what holds the body there, and it tightens to resist the constant downward force of gravity. Fascia is now known as the most neurologically dense tissue in the body. This makes our work neuro-fascial and very chiropractic.

The whole body breaks down which tightens, compresses, and twists to compensate for the stresses, injuries, and weaknesses that have occurred over a person’s lifetime. The fascia contracts in different areas in reaction to your body’s inability to fully resist gravity. This is your spinal mechanics. Most people are actively holding a misaligned position in response to the constant force of gravity where there is the head tilt, neck tilt, high and low shoulder, high and low hip, short and long leg, and twisting of the shoulders/hips.

This is a stressed position that affects not only the joints and muscles but also every tissue in the body including the head and organs. Incorporating the new ideas of tensegrity (the biomechanics of living systems), and anatomy trains (whole-body patterns of tension that stabilize postural imbalance), QSM3 has discovered a new way of releasing this strain on the body by touching parts of the neck and bottom of the skull in specific ways that release the effect of gravity and allow the body to return to a more balanced alignment which decompresses your body and is more resistant to gravity. We call this “Up and Open”. This type of care is a process as many people have been misaligned for years before there are problems or you come to the office to start care.

Norwood MA Cutting Edge ideas in our Method…

QSM3 is based on the ideas of tensegrity, anatomy trains, biomechanics, and vitalism.
Tensegrity means tensional integrity which all living systems use to create strength and flexibility. Misalignment creates imbalanced tension or a tension/compression dynamic that limits strength and flexibility.
Anatomy Trains is the idea that instead of over 300 individual muscles, we have one muscle in over 300 pockets of fascia. There are many whole-body myofascial pathways that stabilize the body. QSM3 accesses and releases these pathways.
Biomechanics is the study and understanding of how the skeletal and muscle systems work and adapt to imbalance and stress.
Vitalism is the philosophy that there is an inborn intelligence or life force within each of us that uses the brain and nerve system to control and maintain the body in health. Interference with the nerve system and stress on the body leads to increased tension and misalignment. Our post-adjustment measurements and analysis make this idea practical and guide us in the care.

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