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We offer a different idea and experience than traditional chiropractic in Norwood MA…please review the following to find out if our style is right for you. Many people are very familiar with the idea or experience of popping, twisting, and cracking different areas of the spine and body. We do none of these…We do something different…

Instead of focusing on the individual bones of the spine, our focus is on seeing how the whole body misaligns, twists, and locks as it adapts to the injuries experienced throughout life. Once an injury occurs in life, there is an imbalance. The body then twists, compensates, and slowly compresses itself to stabilize under the weight of gravity. Looking at the whole body: the hips, legs, feet, shoulders, arms, head, neck, and spine gives me information on how to access and release the body in a different way.

Dr. Smyth is a founding member of QSM3, and we are the only QSM3 office in New England. Dr. Smyth is also Part II Certified in NUCCA. We are the only NUCCA office in Massachusetts.

Our mission at New England Spinal Care is to support people in their aliveness. help people & families experience their best as human beings—what I call "Freedom from pain, freedom to heal, freedom to play, and freedom to discover their best." The Power that made the body heals the body. Chiropractic focuses on the power of life inside each one of us that enables our bodies to heal, grow, adapt, and function in more ways than we can count. This power of life controls and coordinates functions from to the Brain to the body through the nerves. Head, neck, and spinal misalignment creates stress that causes nerve interference and biomechanical stress that create problems that may or may not be felt.

New England Spinal Care is a Chiropractic office that delivers a very different experience in the realm of health care. The office's foundation methodology is Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3) which focuses on accessing and releasing the whole body's misalignment by touching the upper neck. Dr. Smyth is also Part II certified in NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). The adjustment is surprisingly gentle. Our unique approach looks to unlock and decompress the whole body at once. It is a very different experience that many can feel immediately. Please contact us with any questions or to set up your first visit.

Your First Visit in Norwood MA

Your first visit is about us understanding you, discovering if you are in the right place, and evaluating if we can help you…A consultation, as well as postural, palpatory, SEMG, and Thermography exams, are completed to evaluate the body and nerve system and find it out if you have a chiropractic problem that we can help with X-rays are taken (if necessary) to visualize how to best help the patient.

A first visit is typically 30 minutes. We do request that paperwork is filled out ahead of time or that you arrive 20 minutes before your appointment. We do not guarantee results, we do guarantee our full effort to help you.


Children are precious and their health issues can have lifetime effects on how they look at and experience life. They typically respond more quickly than adults. Getting them aligned allows them to function better in sports, in school, and in so many other ways. Getting children adjusted also allows their bodies to grow better and set the stage for better health throughout life. Most people do not realize that physical problems they have as adults often started early in life…


I have worked on dogs and horses. Dogs and horses don’t complain about pain, they just act differently. A number of animals seem to change personalities after I release their nerves. They move better and are more interactive. They also respond quicker than people.


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