Chiropractic Testimonials

“Thank you for the help you have given me with your different chiropractic methods. What a relief from pain, tension, and stressed areas! You are in the top of your class in your chosen profession!!”

- Peggy G.

“Now I have no neck pain, am able to garden, work on computer, work as a puppeteer, etc. without pain. I am 100% better and it only took about 1 – 2 months! Better than steroids, needles, muscle relaxants, and pain medicine suggested by traditional M. D. and orthopedic doctor. Dr. Smyth is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, a great doctor whom I highly recommend!”

- Diane K.

"After my first upper cervical adjustment I could move my neck more easily and further (freely) side to side with less shoulder and back pain. Most recently Dr. Andy has been working on my lower back / pelvic area. I can now walk more distance and for a longer period of time and stand in one place for a longer period of time without experiencing spasms or pain.”

- Beverly A.

“I began to have pain at age 16; I’m 23 years old now and for the past 6-7 years my situation has become worse until Dr. Andy began regular adjustments. I have experienced steady improvement over the past few months to the point where I feel human again. I can now resume my regular action packed life! If Dr. Andy can fix me he can certainly help anyone.”

- Evan P.

“With NUCCA treatment there is no pain, no jolting, nothing but light pressure around the area of my ear. Dr. Smyth is well educated, communicates well, and genuinely cares about his client’s health and improvement. Quality of life and a good night’s sleep is key to promote good health and harmony, Dr. Smyth can make this happen – he did this for me! Good luck to you all, keep positive, steadfast and unwavering in your pursuit of good health – it is available here today!”

- Jo N.

“After years of pain and poor medical advise, I truly will only be entrusting my health to you and other forms of alternative medicine. Your healing hands have made a major difference in my life, my health, my happiness. I cannot thank you enough for this peace.”

- Judith D.

“I found Dr Andy in a very unusual way. I shared with my friend in Canada that I have pain in my neck and numbness in my hands. She told me that she had very similar symptoms and was able to treat them. She recommended to find an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. I called her chiropractor in Toronto to see if he can recommend someone in Boston. To my amazement he said that the only practitioner who works with the same technique is Dr. Andy Smyth in Norwood, MA.

I am really grateful for this recommendation. My neck pain ( I really could not turn my head!) and numbness in hands and fingers have completely disappeared after a few adjustments. His method is gentle and effective. With my history of scoliosis I am used to chiropractic adjustments. In the past I had used four different chiropractors in Boston area. The results Andy was able to achieve just after 10—12 adjustments can’t be compared to any of the previous treatments. I felt completely free of tension, pain and any discomfort in my whole body. I was so happy with the results, that I recommended Andy to many of my friends. My child and my husband became Andy’s clients as well. My son plays hockey; falls and bumps are unavoidable. With Andy’s help we are able to keep him balanced and healthy.”

- Lucy B.


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